MultiTrack preparation Guide

In your DAW, where the track has been created, you need to bounce or export your stems separately as audio file (recommended formats are wav or mp3).

Your stems are the 'DNA code' of your track. The more stems you create the bigger the variety and variation possibilities for your music.

When stems are ready, create a new MultiTrack and upload it right into your project (Keep in mind that uploading large files may take some time depending on your bandwidth internet connection).

Best practice:

  • Don't normalize or master your stems individually.
  • Keep all processing (eq, filters, reverbs etc.) within your stems, exactly as your full mix balance without mastering.
  • Make sure all your stems are at the same length so it can be synced together.
  • Give clear names to your stems, such as 'only drums', 'melody', 'vocals', etc.

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