One Track, Endless Possibilities.

Transform your music into an interactive MultiTrack library

The new music library standard

AudioTie is an innovative online service platform, that enables you to transform your music catalog into an interactive and responsive MultiTrack library. Simply upload and store your stems in a secure cloud storage, and you'll be able to play, mix, export, share, present and master them in synchronization online.

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Revolutionize the way clients use your music

Your clients in mind - let them experience, preview and use your music. Give them the a tool to create their own unique music variations for their specific needs: change mix, mood, automated dynamics and much more, straight from their web browser. It's like having a DAW and the composer right by their side.

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Grow your music catalog exponentially

Get more out of your music, increase the usage and licensing possibilities of your music by making it customizable, interactive and intuitive. Opening new ventures and possibilities for music marketing, applications and consumption by offering endless variation, moods, and combination on every piece of music in your library.

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Stand out from the cluttered industry

With 100% stems buildup and online synchronized MultiTrack editor for each music track, your catalog will be upgraded immensely and your clients will get what they’ve long been dreaming for - a professional, versatile and intuitive new way to experience, preview, customize and use your music. Anytime, Anywhere.

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Time is a precious commodity

You, and more importantly your clients, save crucial time on remixing, previewing, stems delivery, clients requests, turnarounds, uploads and much more. With AudioTie all the process of finding, customising and syncing selected music to video is extremely convenient, fast and intuitive.

Harvest the power of technology to stream line and offer your music in it’s entirety to your clients. From finding the right track and customising a unique mix, to syncing music to picture, tempo or pitch manipulation, exporting and mastering and the list goes on... Give your clients the tools to work faster, better and with more ease.

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